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APK is just a portion of Elise’s personal memoir, published 2009


One seemingly ordinary day, Elise Crawford’s life would change forever. Through almost unbearable tragedy and loss, one thing that kept her going was a promise.

A Promise Kept tells the heart wrenching true story of how the author comes to terms with a horrifying tragedy. Through obstacles and betrayals—stripped of everything she’d worked so hard for, exiled into a cold pre Christmas night with two small children—she ultimately discovers the power of faith.
In this memoir, Elise Crawford reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of the senseless murder of her beloved—a Seattle Metro Transit driver—tragically shot and killed in the line of duty on the Aurora Bridge the day after Thanksgiving 1998.
With a series of chronological photographs—alive with supernatural testimonies that guide her writing process—Elise shares her story in vivid detail, recalling ten years of their life together prior to the tragedy, and journals her spiraling descent into the abyss of grief. Elise tells how—with courage, fortitude, and faith and holding fast to her beloved’s memory and his promise that she and the children would always be loved and cared for—she eventually finds her way home to be with her loved ones once again.
In A Promise Kept, the author reaches out to other survivors of tragic loss in hopes that, by reliving her experiences, they will relive their own yet come away with the strength and courage needed to face, to accept, and to begin their own grief journey regardless of the nature of their loss. Most importantly, A Promise Kept is about learning to live again with acceptance.

A Promise Kept promises to be the most memorable love story you’ve ever read.