The Stellar Jay


Mark’s judgment day probably went something like this. God said, “Your minor transgressions will be redeemed if and only if you bring Elise and her children to salvation.” Mark probably laughed, “Ha, but how am I to do that? You know how stubborn she is. She doesn’t believe in you and never will.” God probably replied, “You will find a way; unless you want to remain in this in between world for all eternity.” Mark most certainly did not. He knew the only way to reach her was through animals. Banking on the stories he had told her about animal spirituality, he sent a Stellar Jay to watch over her for the rest of her days.  A witnessed phenomenon, this spirit bird watches over her vigilantly, no matter where she moves, come rain or shine, he is always nearby. This is just one of many amazing stories of how Mark has worked from the other side to prove that God exists and that led me and my children to our family baptism, Easter 2004.

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