When We’re Not Home

Lucky, Fluke, and SnifflesFoxy

“Up, up—up, up”, meowed Foxy, the petite, short haired, calico tabby as the sun shined through the kitchen window.

“Foxy makes a good alarm clock,” Fluke growled to himself, a pudgy, Tuxedo, Norwegian Forest Cat, so named because he once was mistaken for Lucky, to bad she can’t sound a distress signal when Lucky starts prowling.

“Time to start the day,” meowed Foxy’s mother, an old, short haired, black tabby Sniffles, in unison with her daughter.

“Mew, mew, mew,” the long-haired, Tuxedo, Official CEDAR-AL mascot, Lucky called to the outdoor birds through the small window from his perch over the kitchen sink while waiting for his morning treat.

Hustle bustle—Mom got breakfast for all of us, Dad put new litter in the boxes, a last-minute kiss on the head for all, and out the door they went.

That could only mean one thing–yup, they’d be gone for the entire day.

“No, no, don’t do this to me, not again. Don’t leave me here with all of them! At least take me with you!” Lucky begged as he whimpered and fidgeted, nearly tripping Mom as she dashed out the door.

“Keep everyone in line!” Dad instructed as he patted Lucky’s head, putting on his baseball hat, following on mom’s heels.

Lucky started his morning routine, cleaning and smoothing out his silky coat. I don’t like for Mom and Dad to leave at the same time, he thought. Oh well, I’ll just trundle back to bed. Sniffles will let me know if Foxy gets feisty.

But, I’d better take one more look around for good measure, just like Dad said.

Sniffles lounged by the heat vent to soak up warm air, keeping vigil on Foxy.

“All’s quiet again,” said Fluke; “nap time.”  They can just watch my cute wiggly tail as I sashay down the hall and back to my bed. “Bye.”

A short while later Sniffle’s meowed, “Fluke, get up! No time to lose.”

“Zzzz, huh? Five more minutes.”  Fluke whimpered.

“Get moving, she’s awake!” Sniffles howled.

Another siesta interrupted.  What now? Stretch; ahhhh; stretch…. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”   If it wasn’t for me and Sniffles that Foxy would get in BIG trouble; we’re always bailing her out.

Foxy strolled across the kitchen and announced, “I’m awake, on the prowl, and looking for adventure!”

Sniffles took up her usual position on the first perch of the cat tree next to the kitchen window to get better surveillance.

She watched as Foxy detoured past the swivel rocker and nudged open the door to the glass TV cabinet. On the bottom shelf was mom’s jewelry box with lots of shiny necklaces and bracelets.

Sniffles hissed a warning to make her get out of there.

Then it happened; the phone rang!

Foxy jumped straight up with all four feet, arched her back, and bristled her tail. You’d have thought she stuck her tail in a wall socket!

She soared for the kitchen chair, but her aim was slightly off, and the chair toppled to the floor.


She landed on the top of Mom’s balled up socks on the braided rug.  Distracted for a moment, she batted one under the table. She dropped the other one into the water dish to see if it would float.  Nope.

Bored, she moved on to spy Lucky’s tail flicking in a friendly greeting.


Whoa! Lucky tucked it under him just in time.

“Missed me,” he snarled, challenging her to do it again.

Sniffles watched every move from atop the cat tree with a steady gaze and baited breath.

Foxy leaped to the kitchen counter and strolled over to the sink. “Mmmmm, a few nibbles left in an unwashed dish,” she purred and about licked the pattern from the plate.

She looked around and pondered what to do next.

She jumped to the floor and strolled innocently to the cat tree and surprised her mother with an ambush pounce.

Annoyed, Sniffles vacated her peaceful perch for the warm spot on the TV stand next to the living room window.

A moving curtain string caught Foxy’s attention and she pulled on the drapes a little to catch it.


Down came the curtain, string, rod and all!

“Uh oh,” said Sniffles. The racket so startled Fluke, he bounded down the hall back to his bed, catching Foxy’s full attention!

Sniffles knew from the glint in Foxy’s eyes what was about to ensue.

“No, Foxy, No!” caterwauled Sniffles.

“Meow, Meow” warned Lucky, seeing the danger.

Too late!  Foxy lurched and caught her claws in the billows of Fluke’s fluffy tail.

Fluke was off like a shot, his foot-long tail swayed back and forth like a caboose with Foxy clinging onto it for dear life.

Fluke screamed in frantic as he rounded the corner to his room, “Help me, help me!”

BOING!  The flimsy accordion partition snapped!

CRASH BOOM BANG!  It went as it landed on the floor.  Fluke’s food dish spewed precious morsels everywhere; his water bowl vaulted into the air and splattered all over.

The menagerie of cats froze in stunned surprise.

A key in the lock.

The front door opened. Mom and dad were back just in the nick of time!

“Save me Save me!” meowed Fluke as he catapulted toward the front door, running and jumping into Mom’s arms.

Dad looked at Lucky and said, “Had tough shift today huh?” while shaking his head as he surveyed the mess before him.

Lucky and Sniffles exchanged a ‘told you so’ look. They smiled at Fluke, happy that he was all right, and glared at Foxy whom they knew would never get the blame.



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